BSK d.o.o. Obrenovac - History


We are offering to the Market innovative product and services that represent the technical-technological alternative to existing solutions in the market. In our business we start from the needs of the market for new solutions. Our market is global, and the starting point locally.


We are currently present with the Air Jet Berry Harvester KOKAN500S in the following countries: Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Australia, Chile and USA.


BSK LLC., Obrenovac is development and manufacturing center whose main activities are research, development, design, manufacturing and sales of innovative products based on technologies in the field of hydrodynamics (flow of air and water).

Air Jet technology, the Kokanović family have been developing since 2002, led by engineer Momčilo Kokanović.

After 4 prototypes of the Air Jet berry harvester, the final product, the Air Jet Berry Harvester KOKAN500S have been introduced into the market in 2013., towed behind harvester with its own diesel engine for starting overall mechanisms of the harvester, regardless of the tractor that pulls it.


AirJet berry harvester KOKAN500S provides an innovative and proven solution for efficient harvesting of various types of berries including blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and black currants.

Innovative Air Jet technology, impinging the storm, ’surround’ the plant's branches by intermittent air of controlled speed and without physical contact, harvests only technologically ripe fruit without damage.

We have patent protection in a number of countries.

Also, we have a patent certificate number 53803 issued by the Republic Institute for Intellectual Property.