BSK d.o.o. Obrenovac - Vision and mission


We strive to make innovative and cost-effective way to continuously create value for users of our products and services, also for our business parteners.

Our greatest asset as an innovative enterprise, are the professional staff who are committed to achieving business goals. Awards to employees in the form of pay, benefits and career fully reflect their contribution to the success of the company.

We are a socially responsible company that respects the basic principles of the environment in which we operate. We have a long-term and strategic approach to our business environment, encouraging mutual respect of business interests and advocate for the combination of a win-win (Win Win combinations).

We offer to the market innovative products and services that represents technical and technological alternative to existing solutions. In our business we start from the needs of the market. Our market is global and the local base.


The competitive advantages of our company are based on knowledge in the field of hydrodynamics (flow of air and water) and the ability to use this knowledge to solve specific business problems.