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BSK Ltd., Obrenovac is development and manufacturing center whose main activities are research, development, design, manufacture and sales of innovative products based on technologies in the field of hydrodynamics (flow of air and water).


We are offering to the Market innovative product and services that represent the technical-technological alternative to existing solutions in the market. In our business we start from the needs of the market for new solutions. Our market is global, and the starting point locally.

Agriculture products

Air jet berry harvester
kokan 500s


KOKAN 500S is towed behind harvester that efficiently harvests blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, black currents and other berries. KOKAN 500S provides an innovative and unique Air Jet Berry harvesting technology, without physical contact with the plant.

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Innovative orchard protection from the bad weather conditions rotoprotect


RotoProtect, an innovative orchard protection, enables quick folding/re-folding of the net or foil (protection from the sun, heavy rain, birds, insects) depending on the needs of the orchard on a daily basis.

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Industrial products

Industrial vacuum cleaners SEries K and R


High capacity industrial vacuum cleaners Series K and Series R - the complete vacuum unit, mounted on the rigid construction, driven by electric motor or diesel engine. With fixed pipe network they make the perfect system for vacuum cleaning / dedusting, but they can also be used as separate vacuum units. All functions of the vacuum cleaner in one place, on the control panel.

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Anti-wear material Carbolastic


CarboLastic is highly alloyed white cast iron that achieves better effects of anti-wear protection than other materials intended for the same purpose. CarboLastic has a longer service life and lower selling price than competing products. High wear resistance is the result of a relatively soft and elastic base with a tightly bound carbides, in particular those of type (FeCr)7C3.

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86th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad - May 11-17, 2019, we will be present at the 86th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia.

global berry congress, rotterdam, 2019 - from 25-27. March 2019, we exibit at the leading annual event for the international soft fruit business.

VII INTERNATIONAL BLUEBERRY CONFERENCE, JACHRANKA, POLAND, 2019 - from 7-8. March 2019, we took place at the largest blueberry growers meeting.

Fruit PROJECT LLC, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, VINNITSYA, UKRAINE, 2019 - on February 21st, 2019, we held a presentation at a blueberry production conference.

Fruit logistICA 2019 - from 6-8. February 2019, we were present at Fruit Logistica 2019, International Fair for Fruit and Vegetable Marketing in Berlin.
2 GREAT GOLD MEDALS - BSK, Ltd., Obrenovac, development and manufacturing center have won two large gold medals at the 85th International Fair of Agriculture in Novi Sad in 2018 for innovations:

  • Air Jet Berry harvester KOKAN500S” pneumatic pillows for soft berry drops, which eliminates inside bruises and allows berry placement to the fresh market
  • RotoProtect, which enables quick folding/re-folding of the net or foil (protection from the sun, heavy rain, birds, insects) depending on the needs of the orchard on a daily basis.



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