Development projects


Ejector Refulers


Ejector refuler is designed for underwater extraction of sand, gravel and silt, also for transport large quantities of granular and powder material (pieces of coal, sand, cement) through rigid and flexible pipes. After activating refuler the suction pipe ejector creates a vacuum that extract a mixture of sand and water from the bottom of the lake and by discharge piping transport sand to the sand landfill. Ejector refuler uses an innovative vacuum system which is patented. Its main feature is a high adaptability to various specific needs for vacuuming.



Ejector refuler was tested at several locations in Serbia. The results obtained by testing are more than satisfactory. Ejector refuler with suction power 30KW extract 30-35m³/h of sand to a depth of 6-8m.


Techical specifications


Maximum power: KW 30
Flow: m³/h 108
Maximum vacuum: bar 0,95
Maximum overpressure: bar 2
Pump suction connection: mm DN 100
Pump pressure connection: mm DN 65
Ejector suction connection: mm DN 100
Ejector pressure connection: mm DN 140
Operating voltage: V/Hz 400/50
Electrical current strenght: A 66
Mass: kg 900
Dimensions: mm 2500x1100x4700